Understanding the Child Care Rebate

You meet the work, training, study test for Child Care Rebate
if  you and your partner within the week, participated in;
                           - paid work or self-employment
                           - setting up a business
                           - training or studying
                           - looking for work
                           - voluntary work to improve your work skills
This rebate is NOT income tested and gives you 50% off of your child care fees. 
Understanding the Child Care Benefit
You may also be eligable for the Child Care Benefit. This is a payment from the Australian Government that helps you with the cost of child care.  ou can choose to receive CCB as an annual lump sum payment or as reduced child care fees, throughout the year. This is provided to families earning less than $152,147.  Centrelink will help you with understanding this further.  
Full day 
7.30am - 5.30pm
(drop off and pick up at any time)
Half day
AM session: 8.30am - 12.15pm
(set time)