What We Do

Our day is crazy fun. Like it says in the name, we are an ‘early learning’ centre. Our free flow play environment means that children can move between the indoors and outdoors as they please. Children make sense of the world around them through play. This is any kind of play that takes their fancy. Two children can learn the same skill by engaging in two completely different activities but the activity they chose was what took THEIR interest, they chose it on THEIR own and by doing this they are developing a sense of themselves. How exciting is that !!!

On the flip side, life does have a few rules and there are things we need to know like how to listen, how to be still, how to love books and songs, how to be silly, how to sing and dance. Our daily mat sessions are filled with story telling, news time, nursery rhymes and silly songs, yoga and meditation. Children love routine, it makes them feel safe and secure in their environment so while we have plenty of free time to play, we also believe in the importance of mat sessions and a daily routine that the children pick up quickly and thrive on.   You’re wishing you could come too hey!!!